3D scan using laser triangulation

Today everything is in motion. Even for the maintenance of the trains, they should stop as short as possible.
Aucodys was allowed to develop an extraordinary measuring system. See for yourself in the video.

Diagnosis check while driving

The comments in the clip will be in German.

For a railway technology customer we developed a wheel diagnosis system which records the necessary measurement data in a contact-free method. This enables the necessary diagnostic data to be determined when the train enters the depot. Until today, the corresponding wheel axles must be measured individually during stationary operation, which is time-consuming. The control and measuring system was implemented with LabVIEW on a real-time machine and the data was processed with MATLAB. Aucodys was able to offer the customer a precise and specific solution thanks to its specialised and versatile Knowhow.



To keep the laser sensor within the measuring range, it was adjusted to a constant distance from the wheel.

Aucodys will also build the desired control system for your controlled system.
You will find further examples here.

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Data Evaluation


The data evaluation and visualization was done with MATLAB.

Aucodys evaluates your data and measured values and visualizes them in meaningful graphics. For further examples go here.

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